Personalised cover

Rose gold metallic book corners

64 originally made pages

Personalised baby's first book

Our beautiful, handmade baby memory book "BeLoved" uniquely captures the first year of your baby's life. "BeLoved First book" is an unforgettable expression of your love and will be cherished for years to come. 

Length: 20cm; Width: 15cm

Cover is with an original design printed on cardstock paper with a quote: "...from glittering dust of stars; You came like a fluffy dandelion...". Beautiful metallic rose gold covers embellish the cover and add sparkle to the look of the book.


The 64 originally made pages of the book show creativity and attention to detail. They are full of love and pastel colors. With space for more than 15 photos as well as written prompts, we make it easy for you to capture all the milestones and memories.

Pages include…

First meeting
While we wait..
The day we found out...
Place for sonography
Ideas for baby names
Pregnancy musings
When baby arrives...
The big day
First facts
Tricks to calm down baby
First visitors
Biggest surprises about being parents
More facts
Family tree
More firsts
Mom's wish for the baby
Dad's wish for the baby
First words
1-12 months
1st birthday
Place for photography of family
Place for notes